Women’s health article written by gaslighting male

I just need to process this article posted by thefemedic.com (a supposed women’s health resource) called “How can we reduce HIV-related stigma in sex workers?” This post will consist of quotes from the article and my thoughts in italics. This is purely for my own catharsis though I hope it resonates with some.

 In countries such as Cambodia, India, and Thailand, reductions in national HIV prevalence were significantly impacted by initiatives that targeted sex workers.

Makes sense. We can’t exactly rely on the pimps or johns, can we?

There are several factors sex workers share that make them particularly vulnerable to HIV transmission. One of the most important of these is that they are often marginalised and stigmatised by others in the societies in which they live.

If by “they” you mean “women are marginalised and stigmatised”, then YES.

In some countries sex work is legal, but the law rarely offers sufficient protection to sex workers. As sex workers aren’t sufficiently protected legally, they may find themselves in situations where they don’t have full control over condom use, or they may be forced to engage in practices that lead to STI infections.

“Situations in which they don’t have …. full control…or they may be forced to engage?” You mean raped?  Why are you not saying these women are raped?

Indeed, there is a significant lack of common legislation or policy protection of sex workers around in the European Union itself. That’s why sex workers may often find themselves at risk of violence — be it violence from law enforcement officials, or their clients.

THAT’S why these women are at risk for violence? It’s not because women are dehumanized? Also, they’re CLIENTS?? “Clients” makes it seem like these women had some choice in the matter. 

Other significant factors that increase the probability of contracting HIV in sex workers are a high number of sexual partners and insufficient condom use. One reason for this is lack of education — sex workers often start selling services when they are young, and may be willing to provide them without any type of physical barrier.

Lack of education??? How about a cultural lack of respect for women? Also, they “start selling services when they are young???” You mean female children are raped, abused, forced into prostitution and their abusers don’t wear condoms? This is some really crafty wording!

We also need to consider the young age of sex workers, who usually begin selling their sexual services when they are adolescents.

AAAAHHH!!! They’re NOT SELLING SERVICES! THEY’RE BEING RAPED! They’re being groomed, abused, and COERCED (with drugs, money, and promises of “love”  or some sort of better life) into having sex or they’re just flat out raped!

This (reducing stigma) can be done by addressing the violence and attitudes directed towards sex workers, by carrying out activities that aim to decriminalise sex work, and by funding health and social services dedicated to sex workers.

Wow. It all comes down to decriminalisation. This is gaslighting through and through. The writer would have you believe that the problem is not the oppression of women by men by the oppression of “sex workers” by….who? radical feminists maybe?

But wait, the cherry on the cake is: the article was written by


…a dude.  Feel free to connect with David on Twitter at @DavidBeeshaw