I hate Louis C.K.

I read an article linked on Feminist Current today in which Louis C.K. confirms the sexual “misconduct” allegations against him. I’m not linking the article here because I hate the fact that his fake apology was given so much press.

How do I know it’s fake? — Because this:

Louis C. K. is not an idiot. He claims in his big fat stupid article in the New York Times that he “wielded (his) power irresponsibly” and that he is “remorseful” for his actions and has “tried to learn from them.”

No, he has not. He wasn’t being irresponsible and he isn’t remorseful. Why? Because the gif I posted is from a show that premiered in 2013. Louis C. K. knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and he DIDN’T CARE. Because to him and so many other so-called “feminist” men, women are NOTHING.

We are a punchline. 

Naming women’s oppression scored him points with feminists and made him seem “edgy” and “progressive.” It even scored him points with me at the time, which is one of the reasons I’m so angry now.

I hate men who hang their heads AFTER getting caught being misogynist pricks and cry about how “remorseful” they are. I hate so-called feminist dudes who get to score points by STATING THE OBVIOUS that men oppress women and are violent and abusive and wag their fingers saying “men, we need to take responsibility” and then turn around and treat women JUST AS SH*TTY as any other misogynist a**hole out there.

I hate listening to my fellow feminists defend dude’s rights to speak in women’s spaces as long as they’re saying some feminist sh*t and “speaking to men.” I hate people applauding these f*cks or even giving them the time of day when they’re NO LESS LIKELY to hate/abuse/demean/degrade/ignore women than ANY OTHER MAN out there!

I’ve been posting some comments along the lines of #YESALLMEN (are a threat to women) and No, I don’t trust/am not impressed by so-called feminist dudes — and this has rubbed some people the wrong way. I can live with that. What I cannot live with is dudes who claim to be feminist/say some feminist sh*t getting a pass to then behave sh*tty when they’re not on stage or publishing their so-called progressive, feminist opinions online.

I do not believe that there are SOME MEN out there who do not pose a threat to women and children.


I don’t think that there are any dudes who are SO ENLIGHTENED that they could NEVER harm a woman or child.


There is no man that is so funny


or talented


or iconic that he’s exempt from the misogyny that governs the planet and keeps women from being acknowledged as full human beings worthy of decency and respect.

Under patriarchy, safe, harmless men do not exist. A man who acknowledges this is not then safe or harmless to women. There is no formula, or list of character traits, or things a guy can say that will guarantee he will not harm women in some way at some point. I say this with the full acceptance that this applies to all the men in my life, no matter how loving and close a relationship we have. The reality of patriarchy is that all men dominate women–not SOME men–ALL of them. We don’t get to pick and choose our oppressors because we wish and hope and need SOME men to be safe and kind and decent. They cannot and will not be what we need because, under patriarchy, we do not count.




2 thoughts on “I hate Louis C.K.

  1. What a pig he is. He has also never actually apologized to his victims. You are right. They don’t count to him or other men. Men don’t believe that women are fully and equally human.


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