Female Journalist Found Dead, Man Likely Responsible


In a story featured in Feminist Current’s Wednesday edition of What’s Current, journalist Kim Wall was found floating in the water near Denmark’s capital, having been stabbed 15 times and dismembered. Ten days earlier, she had boarded Peter Madsen’s submarine for an interview. Madsen is being held on murder charges.

In the linked piece from The GuardianMadsen claims Wall was hit in the head by a hatch cover in a “terrible accident.” I’m sure that what Madsen meant to say was that it was a terrible accident he got caught.

Madsen also claims to have felt “suicidal” when he tied a weight to Wall’s body and chucked her overboard. Allegedly, he planned to take his own life by sinking his submarine after disposing of her body. Personally, I think it’s a shame he didn’t succeed.

One of the most damning pieces of information in the article was that Madsen’s computer was swimming with porn of women being tortured and killed. This piece of information was added to The Guardian article almost as an afterthought.  The article does feature a comment from Madsen which amounts to “it wasn’t mine.” He says he wasn’t the only person with access to the computer (there were multiple sadistic misogynists on board?) and the content did not belong to him. 


What an interesting choice of words. He wasn’t the only one with access. So…he and his submarine crew of violent misogynists watched snuff films together? He had help with the murder/dismemberment/disposal of this woman?

The content did not belong to him. This is a type of wording psychopaths love to use. It can technically be true (he didn’t own the rights to the material) AND misleading at the same time! Bravo, you sick f***!

I can hear the arguments from the boys’ club right now:

Porn had nothing to do with the murder. Plenty of guys watch porn and don’t murder or abuse or rape women.

Sure! And plenty of pedophiles don’t “actually” abuse children, they just like to look at pictures of children for sexual gratification. Oh wait–that’s a punishable offense! But we don’t sanction the viewing of material that is violent or degrading towards women. We prefer to roll the dice and hope that these women are of age, “consenting”, lucid and not drugged or addicted, and “happy” to be doing what they’re doing in a culture that’s completely devoid of pressure for women to be subservient, sexualized, compliant, cum repositories.

Sure, plenty of guys watch porn and don’t murder women. Let’s just keep rolling the dice with women’s lives and when they DO get murdered by sadistic, porn-watching men, we can say “Oops! I had no idea this would happen as porn has NOTHING to do with violence towards women.”

This is the madhouse of a world that we live in–a world in which the daily sexualization/degradation/oppression of women inflicted on them from birth is twisted with words like “agency” “choice” and “fun.” Girls like looking sexy–it’s fun! They haven’t been told from birth that their only value lies in how open they are to being sexualized/poked/prodded/scrutinized/degraded/fucked by men. It’s not like girls are reminded every day that the only point to their existence is being objectifed and that if they aren’t being of service/servicing some man, they might as well be dead.

We live in a world where porn that, both directly and indirectly, harms women is protected under the banner of “free speech” and liberty. But liberty for whom? For all? Or for MEN. Because whether women are being silenced by having cocks shoved down their throats or being silenced by the men who abuse and kill them, porn is not raising up women’s voices. Porn silences women. Men who reenact porn silence women. The men who watch porn and defend porn SILENCE WOMEN. Men who murder women SILENCE WOMEN.

Kim Wall and millions of other women and girls are silenced by men permanently every day.


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