Women in Film: Dukhtar


In the 2014 film Dukhtar, Afia Nathaniel tells the story of Allah Rakhi, a woman who kidnaps her ten-year-old daughter, Zainab, in a desperate attempt to save her from an arranged marriage to a violent tribal leader. Rakhi remembers her own marriage to a much older man when she was a teenager. Subsequently, her husband prevented her from communicating with her mother ever again. While this loss was made explicit in the film, others are only implied. In a scene between Rakhi and Zainab, mother hovers over a blood stain on her wedding dress as she realizes how little her daughter knows about her future.

The two escape through the mountains of Pakistan aided only by a passing truck driver. The truck driver’s motives for helping them are not made clear until later in the story and offer a compelling look at the complexities of the society. I believe films like these offer viewers an opportunity to make connections between seemingly disparate cultures and their own. Patriarchy has many faces all over the world, misogyny being the common thread. This film is streaming on YouTube and Netflix.



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