Women in Film: Deprogrammed

mia-thumbnailWriter and director, Mia Donovan invites viewers to examine the complex phenomenon of cults in her documentary film Deprogrammed.  She follows the story of revolutionary and controversial deprogrammer Ted Patrick who began “rescuing” young cult members in the 70s at the behest of their families. While the good and bad of cults and brainwashing may seem straight forward, Donovan offers multiple perspectives in her film. Current and former cult members and leaders were interviewed, sharing their experiences with the cults and with Ted Patrick. Even former cult members who were thankful for Patrick’s interventions had mixed feelings about his methods which included kidnapping.

Donovan’s personal interest in the subject matter seemed to stem from her brother’s encounter with Mr. Patrick when he was a teenager. Donovan’s brother was not truly in need of deprogramming but was struggling immensely and expressed that struggle through identification with Satanism. Donovan offers a sensitive and engrossing look at a very complex issue and leaves viewers with much to think about after the film has ended. Deprogrammed can be viewed on Netflix.


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