Land of the Free

“Some of the soldiers found themselves in situations where they had to kill a child.”

What situation was that? Was the child running at them with a machine gun, firing wildly?

“They might have had to blow up buildings with women and children in them.”

They “had to” or what–they might die? Are soldiers’ lives more important than anybody else’s? Who makes that call–the government, the soldiers? The soldiers are still babies themselves. Vietnam vets were called “baby killers” but perhaps the epithet should have been reserved for the government that sanctioned the sacrifice of thousands of its recent high school graduates. 

Eighteen is the age the US government decided was old enough to die but not old enough to vote, so they lowered the age of majority. At least 21 is closer to the age at which our brains stop developing. But now you’re considered an adult at the age of eighteen. Old enough to vote, old enough to die, old enough to be killed by our government. 

Don’t try to build pride in our country. History should not be about patriotism–it should be about truth. What happened, who did it affect, and what can we do to keep from repeating past mistakes? We’re living in an age when history is repeating itself before our very eyes and we refuse to acknowledge it. Blacklisting, censorship, witch hunts–all of them blights on our history, yet we soldier on toward “progress” no matter the cost.inclusa02