Motto Ideas


So I was perusing the new Beautiful Rising website which showcases tactics for change. I was thinking about our beautiful manifesto and how useful it would be to come up with different mottos that condense our message into a phrase that gets people questioning the status quo and effectively disrupts the patriarchy. This motto could be scrawled on paper money, inside books and magazines, or on bathroom stalls. It would have to be short and thought-provoking. So I put it to you, Gender Rebels:

If we had a motto, what would it be?  


3 thoughts on “Motto Ideas

  1. I like the above saying. Here’s one a bit longer I plan to use:

    “Transgender isn’t a mental illness, but ‘gender dysphoria’ is. Transgendering doesn’t cure ‘gender dysphoria.'”

    Or just, ” ‘Gender dysphoria’ is a mental illness.”

    Or, ” ‘Gender dysphoria’ is a mental illness, not a civil rights issue.”


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