For all my sisters who’ve ever been invaded.

pressing, pushing

into our space

into our bodies

into our lives

“accommodate me, listen to me, let me in, take it, say yes”

forever receptacles

constantly making room for others

for their problems, for their bodies, for their time, for their needs

grieving the loss

of our time

our lives



don’t let go just yet

for I am with you


pushing back


for our rights


for what is rightfully ours

we are not receptacles

we are full to overflowing

we need our own space



don’t give up


I will not be seeing “Birth of a Nation”

After learning of the rape allegations against Nate Parker on feminist current  and subsequently reading further damning articles  and evidence, I will not be seeing the new Birth of a Nation movie. Some of Parker’s comments and even the event itself sound eerily similar to things said and events recounted by my sociopathic, horrifically abusive ex. I’m absolutely disgusted by Parker and others like him (e.g. Polanski and Woody Allen). I encourage others to join me in boycotting movies by any of these men.

Motto Ideas


So I was perusing the new Beautiful Rising website which showcases tactics for change. I was thinking about our beautiful manifesto and how useful it would be to come up with different mottos that condense our message into a phrase that gets people questioning the status quo and effectively disrupts the patriarchy. This motto could be scrawled on paper money, inside books and magazines, or on bathroom stalls. It would have to be short and thought-provoking. So I put it to you, Gender Rebels:

If we had a motto, what would it be?