Reply from Michigan State RE: Closure of the Women’s Lounge

I was so incensed by the news that Michigan State’s women’s lounge was closing in favor of something more “inclusive” that I wrote the university’s president imploring her to re-open it. I kept it short and to-the-point:

This is the reply I received:
When I looked up Title IX, I was surprised (or not) to find that last year, the university was the subject of a Title IX civil lawsuit brought by four women citing the university’s mishandling of their sexual assault cases. This lawsuit followed U.S Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights findings that the university had mishandled several other sexual assault cases in previous years. Talk about adding insult to injury!
So, Michigan State was already subject to public censure for their mishandling of sexual assault cases, then decides it’s a good idea to get rid of the women’s lounge altogether??? Not only is this a slap-in-the-face to all the women who’ve been assaulted on the university’s campus, but seems to be an attempt to avoid further suit by giving the appearance of  “compliance” with Title IX.
Furthermore, the aforementioned U.S. Department of Education’s OCR findings stipulate:
Additionally, there was information in many of the other grievance files that OCR reviewed to support that the complainants were subjected to a sexually hostile environment and in some cases there was information to support that the University’s failure to respond appropriately might have led the complainant or others to continue to be subjected to a sexually hostile environment. Further, in two of the grievance files OCR reviewed, both of which involved complaints of sexual harassment filed against University employees, OCR determined that the files reflected flawed analysis. In these cases, the University’s own documentation strongly supported that a sexually hostile environment existed. In one of these cases, the University’s documentation supported that the University’s failure to respond adequately to initial complaints regarding an employee’s behavior, and the employee’s continued additional acts of harassment after the University failed to adequately address his behavior, led to a continuing hostile environment for a number of other employees. (emphasis mine)
The current call for closure of the women’s lounge was helmed by a university employee! Mark J. Perry, a self-proclaimed men’s rights activist, shirks responsibility for the closure but doesn’t exactly shy away from all the publicity it’s given him. He states numerous times on his blog that the university had already decided to abolish the women’s lounge when he cried “discrimination against men.” Please don’t visit his blog, it’s not worth it and it feeds into his narcissism.
Michigan State is only one of many universities around the country creating a safe space for rapists and abusers. If you need any convincing of the gravity of the situation, watch The Hunting Ground on Netflix. I can’t think straight enough to write anymore, I’m so angry. Use the information I’ve posted here. Write personal letters to the university. Post their responses publicly. Solidarity and strength, my sisters.

2 thoughts on “Reply from Michigan State RE: Closure of the Women’s Lounge

  1. It’s pretty clear here that “equality” is the catch phrase utilized to promote the destruction of all services, spaces, and programs originally undertaken to create actual *parity* between the sexes.

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