Hi, Mike. I’m not a prostitute.


14 thoughts on “Hi, Mike. I’m not a prostitute.

  1. Wow, what an odd presumption that you would even be remotely interested. Additionally odd that he would let a total stranger move in, not knowing a thing about them, except that they are willing to trade their bodies for a place to stay. What if the person is a STD-carrying psycho? I guess that would make 2?


      1. I now wish I’d done a screen cap of the guy on OKC who asked me if I was interested in being his cam girl as he likes “girls with a little flesh on them.” Oh, and he assured me his wife would be fine with it as they had “a mature relationship.” His mug would have gone up on all the sites.

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  2. It would be nice to think that there are sequestered areas of life — craigslist, redlight districts — where men are automatically going to see women has fuckholes with legs and their own personal whore. Of course not though.

    I was accompanying my younger adolescent brother while he clothes shopped at the mall today. It was sad to see the clothing sections meant for young women. Their clothes options were so sexualized. I mean hey, why feel dignified as a young woman getting an education in high school when you can just live with a psychopath and be his sex slave a few years down the road? He’ll toss you a shitty rent bone, too! But I bet you won’t be on the lease, so if he gets tired of your fuck holes, too bad. It’s only one click away! Unlimited time offer!

    You get the idea that this Mike guy thinks he has a real winning offer for you.

    Anyway. I read your post before going shopping, and meant to chime in about this when I was reminded of it at the mall.

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    1. Yes! Thank you! I was so pissed when I read it, I really appreciate having that reflected. I’d like to gather all the Mikes of the world together and machine-gun their genitals. Where’s Tawanda when you need her?

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      1. I have loved that movie since my first girlfriend and I saw it. I read the book the next summer after we had broken up and loved it even more. *sigh*

        My personal fantasy involves medieval weaponry – morning star, battle axe, hand and a half sword… I still want to be the time traveling Valkyrie of doom. And not just the openly abusive men, but the bastards who seek to reduce us to their cardboard fantasies. Mike, meet my friend Eleanor the Battleaxe.

        I’ve occasionally thought about designing clothes for girls and women meant to be loose and comfortable, but also elegant – tunics, pants with pockets, cowls, a-line skirts for those who like them, all in neutral colors with splashes of color in the cowls or sashes.

        Done in all black, it wouldn’t show the blood.

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