I can’t take living with unempathic, abusive parasites any more. I’m struggling so much right now. Talking to the person who allows me to sleep on his floor is like talking to some horrible Oliver Twist character. People like him really make me want to quit life. I don’t understand callousness. I don’t understand cruelty. Maybe I’m not cut out for this world. If anyone ever closes the windows or the doors while you’re crying so “the neighbors won’t hear”–RUN! Run like the wind!


7 thoughts on “struggling

  1. In my experience of homelessness (both involuntary and voluntary), i often encounter something similar, which i think of as a kind of back-handed “charity”, often tinged with a dirty sense of pity. When some people take me in, there seems to be an unspoken expectation that i will behave as they do, which often implies that i must suppress my emotions. It’s tiring, and a trade-off that’s not worth it. So i have a tent, and i camp on the fringes. I’m finding it to be a beautiful way to live … almost entirely compromise free. I think you’re right that we should run from anyone who is embarrassed by our tears. I hope you find the empaths you’re looking for – we’re out there (despite the fact this computer dictionary can’t spell the word!)


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