PMDD/PMS Support!

Hi, all! I have started a new support forum for women who struggle with PMDD/severe PMS and it’s called Premenstrual Madness.” For years, I’ve suffered from PMS that leaves me feeling depressed, angry, insecure and even suicidal. Yep, every freakin’ month! While I know I’m not alone, I often feel that way and long to talk to other women who go absolutely insane before their period. So if you or someone you know suffers from severe PMS, or even if it’s not severe and you just want to be around women who aren’t going to judge you for biting off the cashier’s head when you go to buy large amounts of candy and alcohol, come on over to:

Bring your comfiest clothes, hot water bottles, favorite movies and whatever else you need to cope! Vent, ask questions, share horror stories, hilarious stories or made-up stories and know you’re among friends! Hope to see you there!

a rain and a gale (aka red85)

P.S. Please share!


2 thoughts on “PMDD/PMS Support!

  1. Good luck with this. I’m out of that loop now, but I did have chronic pain on the first day or so. Alleviated by reducing fluid intake and swimming beforehand. Of course it was difficult to put preventative action into play as my periods were irregular. I hated them. Just. Hated them.

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