C’mon, bro! Let’s tear down the patriarchy!

Ugh. I get so frustrated sometimes. Had lunch with my younger brother today after going to a movie. Scarlett Johansson came up in our conversation and I expressed my regret over how pigeonholed she was as an actress. This conversation developed into one about how women are objectified in popular media and the sex industry, to which my brother heartily disagreed. His main argument hinged on,”..but they chose that line of work!” I reminded him of the detriment to women who do NOT work in the sex industry but to no avail.

My older brother acknowledges that our culture has an unhealthy obsession with sex, yet adheres to Christian beliefs which are also extremely oppressive. My younger brother is an atheist. I, as always, am in the middle, disavowing both systems as oppressive. Go figure. Such is life, I suppose. Although I wish we could come together in acknowledgment that all hierarchical structures are inherently oppressive and should be dismantled. After all, nothing brings family members together like tearing down the patriarchy!



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