The Secret to Happiness and Long Life

I had the misfortune of stumbling upon some of this internet excrement, so-called “biohacks”–a whole fucking website dedicated to quick and easy ways to make your body do what you want…all of it backed by “empirical evidence.”


You know why this crap is so fucking toxic? Because it reinforces a cult-mentality: unquestioning devotion and a willingness to do anything in service of some higher purpose. This type of thinking is the glue that holds the system of power and oppression together. Any person or system that encourages you to swallow your food before chewing it is malignant, oppressive and abusive.


The “Secret to Long Life and Happiness?” THERE IS NONE! And anyone who claims to have “the secret” is a fucking snake-oil salesman. I don’t give a damn if they’re giving away their secrets for free, it’s a fucking scam.

Accept yourself, question everything else.


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