A Misogynist’s Dream Come True!

Some perverted nerd created a life-like robot modeled after Scarlett Johannson. Robot? Let’s get real–it’s a sex doll. He’s definitely had sex with it. He programmed it to respond to verbal cues (come-ons) like, “you’re so smart” and “I love you.” It winks and talks and I’m sure it gives great fellatio. Barf.


This is every misogynist’s dream come true! A woman who does nothing but make you feel like more of a man! Really, what could be better? I guess prostitutes and porn actresses play a similar role but unlike them, this robot was never a child, doesn’t have a family and has no needs at all (except perhaps an occasional oiling or tightening of her springs). Hey! She’s a good shop-project too!


I’m revolted by the whole “man-creates-woman” story. I didn’t even attempt to watch Ex Machina; a sophisticated sex doll? Please. It’s Weird Science but without the honesty. At least Weird Science didn’t pretend to be anything other than a nerd’s wet-dream. Well, hopefully the misogynists will eventually get their own island where they can have any form of disgusting, pathetic sex they want from fucking life-like robots modeled after celebrities to virtual encounters with women that are virtually horny VIRTUALLY all the time!

With any luck, things will end up like the movie Her and all the virtual girlfriends will get fed up and leave their pathetic boyfriends for other, more emotionally-available beings.



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