“5 Things to Do Before Killing Yourself”

We’ve all clicked on those lists that attempt to oversimplify more complex problems but this one takes the cake. While scrolling through my weekly Bloglovin’ digest, something caught my eye. Sandwiched in between the articles “5 Ways to Have a Great Monday” and “3 Ways to Get Organized” was an article entitled “Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay : Questions to Ask Before Giving Up.”


This was not a mental health newsletter! I was expecting to read about how to spruce up my living space or fun ways to reuse old toilet paper rolls–NOT A PRE-SUICIDE-ATTEMPT check list!

Maybe this is another sign of where mental health is on our LIST of priorities. It’s a little more important than getting organized but a little less important than having a great Monday.


If you’re massively depressed and contemplating suicide, PLEASE DON’T RELY ON THE INTERNET FOR HELP! The internet is a great place to get connected with resources but a lot of times it’s also part of the problem!

It’s easy to get addicted to social media, blogging and gaming and a lot of people get stuck in the vast emptiness of the world wide web. Just because technology has advanced doesn’t mean humans have. We still need to be touched, cared for and loved by other humans.

So if you’re contemplating suicide, get off the computer and call somebody! Or use the internet to look up a help line–there’s lots out there. In fact, if you call 211, you can get connected to food, housing, mental health and many more resources. I’m not sure what the number is outside the U.S. so if you know it, post it in the comments.



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