Much Love for Martha Plimpton


To all the people who call Martha Plimpton’s decision to don this dress in favor of a woman’s right to choose and in support of the millions of women all over the world who’ve had abortions–get a life. Is your life so sad that you feel the need to tell others what to do with theirs? And what makes you think you have the right to judge them? How would you feel if somebody told you when and what to eat and how often you could take a shit?? You know what happens when women don’t have access to safe abortions? They are mutilated or die in the process of trying to get one anyway.

Do you know how many lives are SAVED by women having abortions? Ever think of that?! Women who would’ve consumed bleach and killed themselves are saved and able to live out their lives and have children when they’re ready, if that’s what they want. “Why don’t they give the baby up for adoption?”  WHY DON’T YOU, IF IT’S SO SIMPLE?! Carry around a baby for nine months, and then hand it over! You think it’s so easy? You do it!

Misogyny and hatred towards women makes me sick. If you’re that keen on preventing abortions, stand up for women’s rights, end misogyny and back comprehensive sex education and free contraception for all.

Oh, and here’s a few other ladies who’ve had abortions.

Gloria Steinem
Whoopi Goldberg
Vanessa Williams
Marilyn Monroe
Judy Garland
Maureen McCormick
Toni Braxton

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