Happy Happy Happy!

The description said “How to Make Every Day of Your Life Happy.” My first thought? “Stop trying.”

POPSUGAR published a 365-Day Happiness Challenge, replete with suggestions to increase your happiness EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!


Well let me cancel my prescription for Zoloft, and blow bubbles instead! Silly me, I thought happiness was more elusive. And here it was right under my nose!


One of the reasons people get depressed is because of the unrealistic expectation to be happy all the time. I don’t know where this expectation came from but it needs to be tossed because it’s making people miserable.


What is “happy” anyway? Are you always smiling, laughing and pleased as punch with all the events unfolding around you? I certainly hope not! There’s a lot of crappy stuff and horrible people out there. In my opinion, the only people who are happy all the time are people who are delusional or in complete denial. Yeah, a prescription for Paxil and a generous helping of narcissism will keep the clouds away!


Frontal lobotomy anyone?

NOBODY is supposed to be happy all the time. In fact, if you are, I would say it’s a sign there’s something wrong. It’s normal to get sad, mad, frustrated, jealous, impatient. These feelings are normal and might even be useful cues that change is needed. If you’re continually frustrated at your job, maybe it’s time to quit! If your friends make you feel like crap all the time then maybe it’s time to get some new friends. You don’t need that shit!

One of the sickest things our culture does to people who aren’t compliant and complacent is convince them there’s something wrong with them and not what’s going on around them.


Don’t let others define happiness for you. Decide what you want in life and go for it. It doesn’t have to look like what you see in the media or what your family or friends tell you it’s supposed to be. In fact, if somebody else is telling you what you “should” be doing, chances are it benefits them more than it benefits you. Seriously, the media tells you what to do so you can monetarily enhance somebody else’s life (mostly through buying a bunch of useless crap) and there’s plenty of people out there giving unsolicited advice on how to live your life in the way that best suits them. Fuck that shit. Do your own thing.




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