“Please Don’t Kill Us”

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them. “

-Margaret Atwood

Very few people would admit this statement has any truth to it, yet we see its influence all around us: women pandering to men, giving up their voices, defending men and misogyny, objectifying themselves and other women, ¬†ultimately, submitting. I appreciate unabashed opinions. They leave out the frills and bullshit and cut straight to the heart. I can even appreciate unabashed sexism–I can’t stand bigotry dressed up as freedom of speech or anything else. If you hate an entire group of people, fine, just don’t lie about it.

If any woman denies the truth of this statement, I challenge her to stop agreeing with men, stop adhering to conventional beauty norms, stop having sex with them and see what happens. Misogynists reveal themselves as soon as you stop submitting. The moment you are not a viable sex partner, the moment you stop reinforcing their dominant status, you are the enemy. I think many women would be surprised at how quickly their partners’ treatment of them changes when they stop doing these things and stand on their own two feet.

Death does not have to physical, it can be social, it can be soul death. You simply cease to exist. Or, if you do exist, you become an object targeted for destruction. Misogynists cannot survive in a world where women do not need them. Any woman who tries to assert her value as an equal human being must be exterminated. She will be killed with fists, words or non-acknowledgment. Yes, people can be ignored to death–it’s why ostracism is so powerful and still employed as a weapon of defense and destruction all over the world.

I feel compelled to wrap this up neatly but I don’t think I will this time. Best to let this one marinate.


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