One “Frigid Pervert” Here

“Frigid Pervert” is a term coined by a sister blogger in her fascinating analysis of one of the books she’s reading right now. The book covers one perspective on the herstory of ladies who love ladies. If you are a lady who loves other ladies, you might fit the historical definition of a pervert…..or frigid!

I found this comical because “evangelical” (Christian) and “frigid” are some of the most popular insults thrown at women who are critical of the sex industry, patriarchy and the overall objectification of women. Are there a whole bunch of evangelical, lesbian, feminists out there I didn’t know about? If so, I’d REALLY like to meet them. I have a few questions for them.

“Frigid Pervert” conjured up images from a French movie, La Religieuse (The Nun), in which the poor, naive ingenue is pursued and subsequently molested by the licentious Mother Superior, played by Isabelle Huppert.


The Mother Superior castigates herself and prays furiously to be released from her desire for the young nun.


It was weird to say the least but I had to laugh at the absurdity. I really do hope I can one day meet the mythical “Frigid Pervert” evangelical lesbian feminist, the sex-pozzes and the rest are so mad about. I’m sure she’s a much misunderstood character and I’d like to hear her story.






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