The War Over Your Uterus

Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments for Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt–a case that could have far-reaching ramifications for women across the country. Here’s a short video explaining everything you need to know–

The fact that this is even up for debate in 2016 is proof positive that we live in a sexist society. Any man who thinks he should have ANY say in what a woman does with her own body needs to check his freaking reproductive system! No uterus? Then butt-out!

Please stand in solidarity with your fellow-women across the country and the world and re-post this link:

This site provides vital information on safe abortions. You can even order safe abortion stickers under “Resources” or just print out the information and post them around town, in restrooms, local schools, wherever. Information is power and the more we know, the safer we can be. This is a war, ladies, arm yourself with knowledge!


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