America the Beautiful

I was inspired by a fellow blogger–critical of the system, to write about the current state of things, as I see it, in the U.S. She’s come to the conclusion that even the left is not all it’s cracked up to be. I must agree.

Even supposed progressives still believe in a system that is, by nature, oppressive: namely, the patriarchy/capitalism. Some people seem to think we are beyond multiple forms of oppression and that we can afford to endorse a system that thrives off of certain people being trampled on. Granted, the system we live under is on shaky ground (hopefully) but many seem to be clinging to it for dear life.

Let us not forget that this country was built on oppression–not by bloodthirsty bigots, but by regular people like you and me. Many people who didn’t live through the Civil Rights Era look back at our racist history and gush, “Oh, how monstrous!” Need I remind you that it was not unheard of for entire families to attend lynchings with picnic basket in-hand?


Indeed, lynching was a “monstrous” act but not perpetrated by monsters–perpetrated by everyday Americans. “Well that kind of racism is a thing of the past.” Is it? Not two years ago did a Bay Area girls’ Catholic school serve watermelon and fried chicken for lunch in honor of Black History Month.


What kind of stereotypes do you think those lynch mobs had about black people?

Much of the black community will vote for Hillary this November. I can’t know the minds of black voters but I could imagine they’d sooner see a woman in office than another white man. Perhaps she knows a little bit more about oppression than The Bern. And if you don’t think that sexism is still rampant, type “women” into a Google image search and you can see how far we’ve come. This was one of the first four images to pop up —merica3Some of the first search suggestions were “Body Shapes” and “Body Shapes for Men.” Granted the images that pop up for “men” are also highly sexualized but they too appear to be geared towards other men. Wonder whose interests are being catered-to there??

Children don’t fair much better but do garner more sympathy. They are still primarily viewed as possessions–evidence of our good parenting skills or lack thereof. merica5

Can we really call our country the “land of the free” when half its’ citizens are governed by the other half and people below voting age are viewed as indebted to their parents? For what? Granting them life, clothing them, feeding them and not beating them? Thank you, benevolent masters!

No, we’re not the land of the free but we might be the home of the brave. You’d have to be brave to wake up every day as anyone with minority status and venture into a world that needs you to kneel down so white, heterosexual men can use you to elevate themselves. (Here’s where the white, heterosexual men write some version of Well, I never! in the comments). Women are being asked, yet again, to put others’ needs ahead of their own this election year. If we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it. And, just like 100 years ago, women will have to wait their turn to see one of their own in a top seat in the nation–one nation….



with liberty and justice for all.


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