“Sit Down and Shut Up, You Crazy Minorities!”

In our “post-racial/sexist” society, calling people who voice their grievances “crazy,” “entitled,” or “PC” is one of the favorite pastimes of the threatened majority.

Yes, when the “children” get out of line, it’s best to remind them of their place.

“Who do you think you are, demanding to be treated the same as me? We already gave you the vote, what more do you want???”

Oops!I forgot–YOU decide who gets to speaks and who doesn’t. You get to decide whose grievances are legitimate and YOU get to decide what’s good enough for us dregs. I’m sorry.

We’ll go back to sitting quietly and waiting for your permission to speak. We won’t “whine” or “complain” anymore about not making enough money, not being taken seriously or being treated like second-class citizens. IT’S ALL GOOD!



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