Sexism Doesn’t Suck HALF as Much When You’re Medicated!


“Aah! Thank goodness I don’t have to bother with pesky morning sickness anymore! Now I can get back to doing what I love best–serving an ungrateful husband!”

Ads like these have existed for decades–aimed at women who are conscious enough to know their lives are unsatisfactory but maybe not enough to know why.


Instead of acknowledging women’s oppression, they tell women that their unhappiness is pathological. The solution? Numb out! Or…..get JACKED! On Ritalin!


She’s not apathetic because she had dreams of becoming an aviator and got stuck with this instead, she just needs a little PEP! These ads seldom come out and say that women are oppressed but this one gets pretty close–


And if you’re not saddled with a husband and children…..WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU???


There, there, go to sleep now my neurotic, single friend.

“Thank goodness these types of ads are a thing of the past…”   THINK AGAIN!


Ooh! A free trial offer? Where do I sign up? I feel like I have to be beautiful, successful, caring and polite…it’s like everyone thinks I’m some sort of wind-up doll…


Oh dear.

Pristiq, clinically proven to treat the depression, anxiety, general malaise and seething rage associated with being a second-class citizen in a society that treats you like a tool.

Shh…this has all been just a bad dream….go back to sleep now.


3 thoughts on “Sexism Doesn’t Suck HALF as Much When You’re Medicated!

  1. I was having tons of anxiety and panic attacks fresh out of an abusive situation, I trembled involuntarily whenever men were around..I decided to go to therapy. Her advice? Get on Medicaid so she could prescribe me Valium. All I could think, what so I can go be a functioning (read: man-fucking) female member of society? Go, be productive. Can’t let a little thing like abuse get in the way of the patriarchal capitalist machine.


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