Female-directed movies on Netflix

You might be surprised at how difficult it is to find movies directed by women. It’s become important to me to support women in getting their stuff out there, thereby increasing demand for art produced by women. So here’s a list of some of the best movies directed by women on Netflix in no particular order.

  1. Hannah Arendt directed by Margarethe von Trotta 
  2. The Girl in the Book directed by Marya Cohn
  3. Adore directed by Anne Fontaine
  4. Angels Crest directed by Gaby Dellal
  5. Mosquita y Mari directed by Aurora Guerrero
  6. When Billie Beat Bobby directed by Jane Anderson 
  7. Vessel directed by Diana Whitten
  8. The Dark Matter of Love directed by Sarah McCarthy
  9. A Path Appears directed by Maro Chermayeff
  10. India’s Daughter directed by Leslee Udwin
  11. A Woman Like Me directed by Elizabeth Giamatti
  12. Water directed by Deepa Mehta
  13. The New Black directed by Yoruba Richen
  14. We Need to Talk About Kevin directed by Lynne Ramsay
  15. Pariah directed by Dee Rees

It was pretty painstaking putting this list together and I will add to it as I find more movies.

P.S. If any of the links are incorrect, please let me know and I’ll fix them. Happy watching!




2 thoughts on “Female-directed movies on Netflix

  1. I recently watched a movie on Netflix, Pariah, directed by a woman, Dee Rees.

    It’s about a Black teenage lesbian trying to find her place, a coming-out story. While I do have some criticisms of the film, I really enjoyed it.


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