Toilet Paper and Other Necessities are Now Taxed

Wouldn’t that be ludicrous? If the things we need to survive like food, toilet paper and medicine were taxed? Well, it happens, but only if you’re one of the unlucky.

Yes, if you’re part of the group whose needs are not as important as the other, you might have to pay sales tax on something you need, something without which you would surely miss significant amount of school and work, without which you might have to stay holed up in your bathroom for weeks or even months out of the year! Good lord! How could anybody be allowing this to happen? Who are these people that have been deemed less important than others and what is this thing that they absolutely need??

Well, if you get a period, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about and if you DON’T, you better listen up because if they can tax tampons, they can tax toilet paper! A period is just as involuntary as a bowel movement and we all know what it’s like to be shit-out-of-luck when you have one and realize there’s no toilet paper. Well imagine how you’d feel if every time you took a dump in a public place, you had to pay 25-50 cents for the toilet paper you needed to clean yourself up? People who get a period are expected to pay for these types of necessities, why shouldn’t everybody else?

This is exactly the issue described in an article by The Nation writer, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf in Why Are We Paying Sales Tax on Tampons? Bleeders and non-bleeders everywhere are asking this question and if you think it’s not the same, just imagine only taking a dump once a month and when you do, it lasts 2-7 days and you need a way to still have a life while that’s happening. Got it? Congratulations! Your imagination still works and it’s a good sign your empathy may be intact too! Go, you!

If you think that shit is whack, I encourage you to stand with your fellow humans and take action. Whether you get a period or not, join one of the groups mentioned in the article or if you have access to tampons and pads, leave them in public restrooms for people who need them! I’m certainly not saying you should steal them (wink wink) but really, that shit should be WAY more accessible than it is. Fight the power and have a lovely day!


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