Against Apathy (To my favorite gamer/addict)

Hate is not the biggest threat today, it’s APATHY. You are what’s wrong with the world. Do you know how kids keep getting molested in the Catholic Church? It’s not because The Church is so powerful and the rest of us are just helpless victims–it’s because everybody’s turning a blind eye and pretending they don’t see what’s happening. APATHY! Do you know how Kitty Genovese died? It’s not because the murderer was super stealthy or because nobody was around to hear her scream–EVERYBODY heard her scream, they just didn’t do anything about it!

The internet, the “news,” your f***ing iPad/phone/etc., alcohol, food–they’re all opiates people use to numb-out. We’re all a bunch of addicts, sucking down whatever we can to numb the pain of existence; numb the pain and everything else too–even the really great stuff! The Jaded Masses. Nothing impresses us or excites us except the worst of the worst or the best and the brightest. We want saccharin-sweet and shit-your-brains-out spicy! Black or white, no shades of gray, no subtlety–that shit doesn’t even register on our jacked-up nervous systems. We’re f***ing spent.

Everybody’s looking for the next best thing, the fastest, most expensive, newest, greenest, locally grown, high-tech fix for their ravenous addiction. Well you can have it because I’m not buying it. You know why? Because you can’t take it with you, not any of it. When you’re on your death bed, all that BS is not going to be at your side, comforting you in your last moments before all fades to black. When you’re sitting on the toilet and you have a heart attack (from the years of neglect and abuse you put your body through) your iPhone will NOT perform CPR and Suri  is NOT going to hold your hand until the medics arrive!

All you’ve got left is yourself and you’ve been the worst companion imaginable–you may think you’ve been answering your own needs and desires by pumping yourself full of the crap I mentioned earlier but while you were numbing yourself to the external world, telling everyone and everything to shut up, you silenced yourself as well.

Perhaps that deep-down voice was silenced years ago, perhaps slowly over the years but at some point you became complicit in your own neglect, your own abuse. Your eyes longed for a sunrise but instead you watched the latest episode of I-don’t-know-what, you were hungry for nourishment so you choked down a protein bar as you rushed off to work, your joints ache but instead of stretching them or strengthening your muscles, you sit and click and sit and click and SIT AND CLICK SOME MORE! “Why does my back hurt? Why does my wrist hurt? I’m bored.” 


Have we forgotten how to think with our brains and feel with our hearts and use our imaginations? All we know how to do is tune out. What can we do? Well, it takes courage but we can start by feeling something, emoting, SPEAKING OUT! Ask questions! Be angry when the situation calls for it and be jubilant too! There’s a lot of awesome stuff in the world that goes unnoticed because we’re too shut-down. And take a break from looking outside yourself to look inward–this is where real change begins.



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