Declaration of Independence (To My Favorite Hypocrite)

I will not bow down to your god or make silent my own thoughts. You sneer at organized religion yet you make a god of technology. You quote studies like a holy-roller quotes scripture. You attend church as regularly as any “good Christian” but you do it every time you plug in and tune out. Every day, you ask your leader, Pope Internet, what to think and how to feel and don’t question anything as long as it starts with “www.”

You’re just as much of a sheep as the people you mock, you’re just too blind to see it. You’d probably die of exertion if you had to muster an independent thought! You’re no free-thinker if you need to be told how to think. Remove the word “actually” from your vocabulary because it doesn’t exist. Sorry to tell you, but your experience is no more important or real or valid than mine. You’re a stereotype of white, male privilege–the most defining feature of which is a non-functioning heart (deadened spirit, no empathy, etc..)!

Every time you open your laptop or you iPhone, you’re just like a f***ing cult member opening his damn bible so it can tell him how to think instead of looking in your own damn heart to show you the way. I’m sorry if my deviation from the rest of the flock scares you, I know feelings other than APATHY are tough. But if I’ve made you uncomfortable, good!

I’m changing my motto from “THINK” to “FEEL.” Go on, feel something, I dare you! That’s the true rebellion in the information age for no matter what you’ve been told, life fails to be life unless it’s lived.

We could all stand to learn something from stories like The Wizard of Oz: “Having a brain” is not evidenced by quoting others all day long, one of the best ways to know you have a heart is when it breaks, and true courage does not lie in your ability to frighten others but by acting from your heart despite being frightened and maybe, most of all, only you have the power to go home for home is not a place you find outside but the refuge of your own heart.

I know this might seem scary to you, what with your under-developed heart–indeed, you might not survive the night if we unplug you. So if you’re scared, count yourself lucky–there’s still hope for you. If not, don’t look to me to help you when the information stops flowing and you know longer know how to live. No wonder you get bored so easily–I would too if I needed to “boot up” in order to live my life. Still loading? “Life: Version 6.0?” Christ, at least admit you’re no better than anybody else.


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