Have We Really Come That Far?

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After viewing some of the pictures from Amy Schumer’s GQ photo spread, I find myself having a hard time deciding how I feel about it. The Guardian ‘s Jessica Valenti wrote an article describing the dismay of some of Schumer’s feminist fans at seeing the photos depicting her fellating various Star Wars memorabilia.

While I can see Schumer doing the poses to poke fun at the media’s sexualization of women, I can’t help but be disappointed at the tired stereotype of a beautiful woman who cannot express her thoughts because her mouth is literally full of a male phallic symbol! Have we truly come far enough that women can strike these poses ironically? I think not.

In the 21st century, many young people are of the opinion that we have progressed far enough that women can express themselves freely without fear of being objectified, dismissed or worse, attacked. Yet, more and more stories of women being victimized in the military, at work and at school continue to surface.

Sure, women won the right to vote almost 100 years ago, but are our voices truly being heard? Every time I pass the magazines at the grocery store, the prevailing images of women I see are highly sexualized, tips on how to “improve” your looks are numerous and the predominant message is that our value lies in our ability to be sexual .

Every day, our rights are on the chopping block to be decided by……not…women. Funny, I thought we had come so far yet I am still not guaranteed equal pay for equal work, nor am I guaranteed the right to be able to make choices about my health and my life should I become pregnant.

I admire the many bold statements Amy Schumer has made about sexism and I can appreciate the spirit in which she portrays herself in various female stereotypes. I hope that we as a society can wake up from our complacency and forge ahead, leaving these old stereotypes behind. Perhaps in the future, women will be featured on magazine covers fully clothed, without anything in their mouths…..and people will still want to read about them!

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4 thoughts on “Have We Really Come That Far?

  1. I don’t buy Amy Shumer is doing her poses for any greater cause than to promote herself. She has managed to ableit cleverly, seize the spotlight and get people to adore her, admire her body and get sexual attention all while claiming that is not what she is about and professing to not want that from men. I like your positive perspective and admire it even though I don’t share your admiration for Schumer. When I see her playing the only game in town as Gloria Steinem put it, I don’t see the game has changed one bit and Schumer hasn’t been a game changer even though she is larger than a size double zero. Again, there she is talking about her size, if you don’t want it to be an issue then don’t make it one and refuse to play the game. You are welcome for reading, thank you for writing. I know my response is not PC.


  2. Thanks for sharing the concern… I am thinking a lot about women and their sexuality these days… please come and see my site: snakeskinned.com and check out my article: “juicy vs. sexualized object”. I think there is still a lot to be said on the state of women’s sexuality today!!!!!! Keep on writing about it!!!!


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