A Trip to Oz

At the suggestion of two important people in my life, I am endeavoring to “get it all down” in writing. I don’t quite know how to start.

I have chosen to, at least for the time being, remain anonymous. While the title of my blog is an anagram for my name, it is also quite appropriate for this stage in my life.

A rain and a gale.

Over the past couple of years, the weather in my life has been filled with quite a bit of rain. I also seem to have been swept up by a strong gale, quite like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. As in the story, I was “swept off my feet” as a bit of stormy weather entered my life, only to be set down again in a land, strange and far from home. Things were not as they seemed and I longed for something familiar.

While in Oz, I learned that home no longer existed — not as I knew it anyhow. My life up to that point was not as I thought it had been. I descended into a dark wood, a place of perpetual night and constant fear: PTSD.

My life has changed unalterably as have I. While on my journey, I’ve discovered many things: some terrible and frightening, others illuminating and inspiring. After years of silence, I am beginning to discover my voice and I want to share my experiences with others.

I’ve felt utterly alone at times but I am determined not to be lonely. Hopefully, in setting down my thoughts and sharing them, I will find value and strength in my voice. Ultimately, I hope to find myself as I’ve been lost for a long time.

I will discuss relationships, feminism and psychology as they’ve come to be significant themes in my life. I’m sure other things will come up as well. I would be glad if my words rang true for some readers so that they too would not feel lonely. We should not got through life that way.

For now, I will say goodbye and thank you for being with me as you read.

‘Til next time.